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Galveston Bay, Texas

Welcome to Fleet 6!

J/22 Fleet 6 is the most active one-design sailboat racing fleet in the Galveston Bay area.

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  • 10 Aug 2017 8:52 AM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    Wednesday night race replay http://raceqs.com/tv-beta/tv.htm#userId=1037930&divisionId=48600&updatedAt=2017-08-10T01:46:19Z&dt=2017-08-09T18:10:02-05:00..2017-08-09T20:45:57-05:00&boat=Payaso&time=1502321650211&focus=Payaso&rival=Yikes&tab=fleet%26view=match

    Payaso looks a little lonely. Maybe Thursday mornings would be more interesting if more of us would play in the RaceQs virtual world!  (Notice how Payaso splits the entire J/24 fleet on the second upwind).
    Don't forget our social gathering at Cabo this Sunday, 4:00pm!
    And our fourth Cabo race day next Wednesday!  Fleet Captain Stuart has some ideas to spice this up.


  • 2 Aug 2017 3:58 PM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    It’s about time for a Fleet 6 Social!

    Join your fellow J/22 sailors for a Sunday afternoon of libations, snacks, and lively discussion at Cabo Bar and Grill,  August 13th  at 4:00pm.  Among topics to discuss are our upcoming Heritage Cup circuit stop and the 2018 J/22 Midwinters, both hosted by HYC. Finger food provided by Cabo, and maybe even some random door prizes for members of the Fleet.

    If you haven’t done so already, you can officially join the fleet here!

    Hope to see you there! 

  • 19 Jun 2017 6:50 AM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    From Anne Lee:

    On June 10 & 11, three J/22s competed in the HYC Women’s Sailing Weekend.  A separate regatta was held each day.  Racing was made up of two fleets, the Pursuit non-Spinnaker fleet and a Windward/Leeward Spinnaker PHRF fleet. On both days, the Spiller and Fairfax trophies were awarded the Pursuit non-Spin classes which had the most entries.

    The Catherine Spiller Trophy regatta, sailed on Saturday, saw racing conditions with winds starting out light and increasing to reportedly gusts of 20kts.   The Spiller trophy was won by a J/22, Crayola, helmed jointly by Linda McKee and Julie Goetschius.  11 boats competed in this Pursuit non-spin class.    

    Winds were light on Sunday for The Fairfax Moody trophy regatta.  The Pursuit line had 7 entries and was won by Redhead , a C& C 37, helmed by Meredith Eatough with no men on board!  

    The Windward/Leeward Spinnaker line had three entries for both days.  Allie Cribb helmed Tres Locos and Anne Lee helmed her J22 against the Melges, Water Nymph.  Anne Lee finished first with Allie a close second.

    Sunday’s  light winds gave the Melges an advantage with her asymmetrical spinnaker and she won the Tie-breaker against  Arielle Delissa  driving Helms a Lee, with Allie in third place.   

    We hope next year that more J/22 owners will lend their boats to the Ladies to compete in this event!


  • 8 Jun 2017 1:30 PM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    Twelve J/22s raced in the second Cabo Series of the year. Fleet 6 proved they really can behave as four races were run with no boats over early. Maybe the line was long enough? An unusual NE breeze frustrated some while the cream floated to the top.  Tom Meeh and Marvin Beckmann were most consistent with a 1-1-1-2 and 2-2-2-1 respectively. Series results here.

  • 14 May 2017 6:38 PM | Janet Ruder (Administrator)

    Circuit #3, at Austin Yacht Club, proved to be challenging and fun with 21 boat in attendance.  Winds were light and shifty but Race Committee managed to get off five races.  Three out of seven Fleet 6 boats were in the awards.  Doug Weakly took 1st, Vincent Ruder placed 2nd, Mark Foster got 3rd, Nataleigh Perez took 4th, and Tom Meeh got 5th.  Other Fleet 6 boats who participated were Stuart Lindow, Kevin Orff/Eric Simonson, Dov Kivlovitz, and Anne Lee.  I think I can safely say a good time was had by all Fleet 6 members!

  • 4 May 2017 8:10 AM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)


    Thirteen boats came out for the first Cabo races May 3rd. Blustery conditions on the lake as a front approached. Three races, on courses 4,6, and 4. Thanks to Mantus Anchors, Hayes Rigging, and Bahama Rigging for donating their time and equipment! And a special thank you to Cabo Bar and Grill for hosting us!

    Results here.

    Video of race 2 start here.

  • 29 Apr 2017 10:17 AM | Janet Ruder (Administrator)

    From Kevin Orff, skippering Tres Locos:

    What a great weekend at the second circuit stop at Fort Worth Boat Club.  Alan Woodyard, Eric Simonson and I (Kevin Orff), raced #919 with a total of 7 competitors in some challenging conditions.  As a cold front moved in on Friday night, we woke up to +20 knot conditions with monster puffs that came down without warning as we sailed in choppy big part of the lake.

    During pre-race tuning and warm-ups, I didn’t see a single kite as I too was comforting the thought of keeping my spinnaker in the bag all day.  This dream was shattered as Keith Zars on Voodoo Baby rounded the weather mark first and flawlessly popped his shoot.  As we rounded behind him, Testosterone flooded my brain and I called for our set.  Eric looked over his shoulder to me with his “Seriously???” glance, but without a second thought, up went our kite and we started our chase for Zars.  We did seem a little slow though as Keith started plane-ing away from us…. What were we dragging…. Oh its our foredeck Alan hanging on to the shrouds.  With two pulls, Eric had Alan back on board and we were back in the race, but Keith was gone.  We could never catch up to Keith and then Vincent Ruder had a great final weather leg and squeezed us into third place.

    In race two, conditions remained fierce, our upwind speed felt good, but we were missing a little point.  At the first weather mark, the two leaders goofed and sailed up to the finishing ball from the prior race instead of the off-set mark giving us a huge break and an inside advantage.  We crossed our fingers and had an awesome set….and everyone stayed on the boat!!  We had a strong leg, maintaining a healthy lead, just a gybe and a douse left before we can relax and head back upwind.  Unfortunately in this gybe, I failed to hold the boat down long enough to get the pole set and the next puff sent us into a broach.  This time it was the back two guys in the boat that were swimming.  Eric managed to get on the boat quick and Alan got the chute down lightning fast as I watched while being dragged along by my death grip on the tiller.  Voodoo Baby screamed by, but we managed to get organized and sailing within 30 seconds.  The boat was surprisingly quiet for the next leg and we held on for a second place.

    By the third race we figured that staying on the boat was key but with little reward as we managed another third place, followed by a second in the last race of the day (Keith Zars was wise and went back to the club after the third race).  Maybe falling off the boat isn’t so bad after all.  Despite a day of 2-3-3-2, our tenacity (or stupidity) was rewarded with a first place position after the first day of racing.

    Some one shut off the fan on Sunday as we were wondering if we had enough wind to start a race.  No one was complaining on our boat with the Saturday’s soreness breaking through Sunday's hangover.  But by the scheduled first gun, we had a nice 5 knot breeze to take a Sunday stroll around Eagle Mountain lake.

    After sitting out Saturday, Stuart Lindow had fresh legs (pun intended), the Vincent the Veteran was quick and Keith Zars was sailing by himself in the lead of the first race.  I could not figure out where to sail and found myself in the middle of the race course, which is the worst place to be in light winds.  With a fifth place, I saw our gold medal fade away, now we had to fight to stay on the podium.

    The second race was going to be our last race of the regatta, it’s go time.  We tested course left on the first leg, right boats beat us….  Second trip to the weather mark, we went right……left paid off and we were in the toilet…  Heading downhill we floundered in the middle then Alan called to Gybe and go course left.  I looked over my shoulder and saw nothing for breeze on the left, questioned Alan but thought….. at least I can blame him for losing the regatta.  We gybed and then the breeze filled our chute and gave us a private ride to the leeward mark.  We rounded, stayed course left, passing the fleet one by one.  All there was left was the unstoppable Voodoo Baby.  But the left kept paying off, but as the finish approached, our luck, I mean our lefty was diminishing.  It was an upwind finish, we were on port heading to the pin and Keith had us in his starboard targets.  As the starboard hail was pronounced, we got the last little lift we needed to cross his bow and cross the line.  How sweet is the sound of the horn when you finish first, and it’s even better on the last race of the regatta.

    Although Keith Zars won the regatta, I think team Tres Locos came away with a far better story.  We learned a lot seeing two very different wind conditions and I am very thankful to the PRO and the FWBC for setting up a great race course and to keep us racing.

    Next on the sights is Circuit 3 in Austin.  For those of you on the fence to head up to hill country, please make the trip.  These away regattas are a ton of fun on and off the water.  And for those that want to race but need some help with your trailer or other logistics….  Let me know and I am happy to help to get you ready to travel, once you are set-up, it’s pretty simple…. Maybe you can have some good stories too!

  • 23 Apr 2017 5:50 PM | Janet Ruder (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Fleet 6 Members Kevin Orff and crew, Eric Simonson and Alan Woodyard, for taking 2nd Place in the 2017 J22 Circuit Regatta 2 at Fort Worth Boat Club. Other Fleet 6 J22's that participated were Vincent Ruder and Stuart Lindow.


  • 18 Apr 2017 8:54 AM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    Sailing Instructions here.

    The Race to Cabo series returns to Clear Lake on the Wednesdays that CLRA takes a break (J/22s only). A change for this year is that we won't be finishing right at Cabo.  Instead we will finish back at the committee boat. This will hopefully avoid a pileup in the corner, and expedite the start of the next race.

    After racing head over to Cabo Bar and Grill for $5 burgers, $3 you-call-its, random prizes, socializing, and bar karate (race discussions).

  • 12 Apr 2017 1:10 PM | Janet Ruder (Administrator)

    The J22 North American Championship will be held at the historic Buffalo Yacht Club. Mark your calendars for July 20-23 to make the memorable trip to western New York. Race against the best and most competitive racers on the circuit while taking in the flourishing city and ever developing waterfront and to be next door to Niagara Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. 

    Registration includes: 
    -Top notch racing led by Wayne Bretsch, PRO noted for his extensive nationwide sailing resume in Race Committee work 
    -Three social tickets for beverages and food (entertainment, food and beverage details are outlined and can be found in the posted NOR) 
    -Warm up racing on Thursday, followed by three days of action packed racing 
    -A complimentary keg courtesy of sponsors following each day of racing to refresh and rehydrate 
    -Three continental breakfast tickets for each morning of racing as well as for the cookout by the grill scheduled for Friday after racing 
    -Premium chicken dinner buffet on Saturday evening, complete with all the fixins 

    For more information, or to register, visit www.j22na.com (regatta entry fee until June 30 is $350, late entry is $425). 

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