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J/22 Fleet 6 is the most active one-design sailboat racing fleet in the Galveston Bay area.

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  • 22 Mar 2018 4:47 PM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    From Terry Flynn:
    I would like to start by thanking everyone that helped to make this years J/22 Midwinters such a great success.   I heard nothing but great things about the regatta.

    One of the key factors in doing well in this regatta (and really all regattas) is your rig settings.  With the ever-changing velocity we were getting you needed to keep up with the current condition.  This starts at the dock each morning, resetting the rig to your base setting before going out.   We always left the dock with our shrouds set at 29/21 on the gray Loos gauge (20/11 on the black Loos gauge).  Remember to keep your backstay adjusted so it is just slack, and the blocks hang down about 12 inches.  Always be at the lightest setting you think you are going to see and when in doubt keep it loose. 

    The other important thing is to shift gears as the wind comes up and dies.  True, you can’t adjust your rig settings but no one else can either.  As the conditions change make sure you adjust your control lines.  Mainsheet, vang, traveler (in light conditions), backstay, and jib sheets are all important, and as you change one control line there is probably another one that needs changing too. 

    Tactically we didn’t do anything special.  The line was pretty even so starting in a clean lane helped get us in the top group quickly.  From there we watched the compass and velocity.  Communication among the crew is very important.

    The 2018 Worlds are in Annapolis this fall, and I know there is a lot of interest from the locals to attend.  This will be a great regatta and I would think it would attract 60 to 70 boats. That being said if this Midwinters was a good tune up regatta, what did we learn and what do we need to work on to improve our results at the Worlds?  Here are a few things you may want to try over the summer to improve your chances at the bigger regattas.   The usual disclaimer is attached that these are just my thoughts. 

    1. Put together a few practice days for the fleet.  Pick a topic or a few maneuvers that you want to improve upon and do it until it becomes second nature to you.  Remember, good enough is never good enough. 
    2. Sail more in the bay.  We have gotten used to doing the lake sailing and I think the local’s results suffered from lack of time with the bay chop. 
    3. Plan ahead. This will keep things more organized and cheaper in the long run.
    4. Be prepared. If you do go to the Worlds be prepared to show, measure and weigh everything on the optional equipment list. 
    5. Don’t forget to have fun.  Set your goals accordingly and sail with people you enjoy. 
  • 20 Mar 2018 4:25 PM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    Former world champion Mark Foster of Canyon Lake edged out our own former world champion Terry Flynn in a tiebreaker to win the J/22 Midwinter Championship. Other Fleet 6 finishers in the top 10 were Nataleigh Perez (7th), Danny Pletsch (9th), and Tom Meeh (10th). Results here.

  • 20 Feb 2018 11:03 PM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    Lots of good practice and racing coming up!

    Feb 24,25: HYC Mid-Winter Regatta

    Mar 3,4: J/22 Clinic

    Mar 10,11: J/22 SW District Circuit #1

    Mar 16-18: J/22 Midwinter Championship

  • 10 Feb 2018 3:50 PM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    Here is (most) of the SW District Circuit Schedule.  The FWBC and Heritage Cup dates are yet to be determined.

     March 10 - 11  Houston Yacht Club
     April 28 - 29  Shreveport Yacht Club
     May 12 - 13  Austin Yacht Club
     June TBD  Ft Worth Boat Club
     August 25 - 26  Corpus Christi Yacht Club
     October 6 - 7  Lake Canyon Yacht Club (annual meeting held at LCYC)
     TBD  Houston Yacht Club, Heritage Cup
  • 15 Jan 2018 11:29 AM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    When: Sunday, Jan 21, 1:00pm
    Where: GBCA Clubhouse


    1. Election or appointment of Fleet officers
      1. Fleet Captain
      2. Treasurer/Secretary
      3. Communications
      4. Fleet Measurer
      5. Cabo Coordinator/Manager
        1. Race Committee
        2. Support Help
    2. Treasurer's Report
    3. Fleet Participation
      1. 2017 Awards
      2. 2018 Plans
      3. 2018 Fleet Champion?
    4. Training Events
    5. Volunteers for Midwinters
      1. Check in
      2. Greeter
      3. Directions and Assistance
      4. Crane helpers
      5. Measurement
    6. Website
  • 13 Dec 2017 7:42 AM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)
    Kevin Off and crew are planning to sail on the bay this Saturday.  Their dock time is 11am and plan on being on the bay by 12pm.

    I am going to try to get a boat to assist and welcome anybody who wants to tune up with us. Call or email Stuart to confirm.

    I will be sending additional emails soon about next years activities.



  • 4 Dec 2017 9:14 AM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    It’s about time for another Fleet 6 Social!

    Join your fellow J/22 sailors after work for libations, snacks, and lively discussion at Cabo Bar and Grill,  Wednesday December 6th at 6:00pm.  Among topics to discuss are the past year, and 2018 J/22 Midwinters at HYC. This is an informal social; a formal member meeting to discuss fleet business will be scheduled for early next year.

    Finger food provided by Cabo. Hope to see you there!
    Register here so we know how many to expect. Thanks!

  • 27 Nov 2017 3:18 PM | Walter Caldwell (Administrator)

    Ready for one last race this year? The GBCA Chili Chase Regatta is this Saturday. Already enough J/22s signed up to have our own class. Only $35 entry fee, and that gets you and your crew all the chili, beer, and rum you can handle after racing. December sailing doesn't get much better than this!

  • 22 Nov 2017 3:28 PM | Janet Ruder (Administrator)

    The 2017 Southwest District Circuit winners were announced last weekend at the last Circuit of the Season.  There were 7 Circuit Regattas scheduled with only 6 being held because of the Corpus Christy Circuit stop being cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey.  Still, we had 39 Southwest District J22’s participating in one or more of the Circuits this season.  Out of those, 15 were Fleet 6 J22’s! 

    The scoring is the total of the Circuit points awarded in the boat’s best four completed Circuit Regattas.  The competitor with the lowest Circuit score wins, and others are ranked accordingly. The 2017 winner was Vincent Ruder of Kemah and crew Brant Koepke and Glenn Harrison.   Stuart Lindow of Seabrook earned 2nd place, Kevin Orff and Eric Simonson of Houston took home a 3rd place trophy, Keith Zars of Canyon Lake placed 4th, and Dov Kivlovitz of El Jardine took 5th. Four out of the top five trophies went to Fleet 6 J22’s!  

    Way to represent Fleet 6!


  • 22 Nov 2017 2:19 PM | Janet Ruder (Administrator)

    Circuit #7, hosted by Lake Canyon Yacht Club, is always one of the J22 Southwest District’s favorite venues because of the friendly volunteers and the wonderful food they prepare. It’s a great club on a beautiful lake that provides a variety of conditions for racing and last weekend was no different. It turned out to be a one day regatta as race committee determined that the front brought too much wind with it on Saturday for safe racing. They got off three races on Sunday in light shifty winds that proved very challenging for the circuit riders. Doug Weakly and crew, from Corpus Christy, responded well to the challenge easily taking 1st place. Mark Foster and crew from Canyon Lake took 2nd, Tom Meeh and crew from Seabrook earned 3rd, Nataleigh Perez and crew from Houston placed 4th, and Jeff Jones and crew from Belton took 5th. Out of the 15 J22's racing, six were Fleet 6 boats that traveled to Canyon Lake for the last Circuit of the year!  I can safely say a good time was had by all!


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